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Issue: #5 May 2011
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The 3rd Annual Malibu International Half & Full Marathon are reaching maximum capacity.  We’ve sweetened the pot with a spring fever discount, it goes as the seasons do –so don’t miss out!

$109 until June 15th 2011    $65 until June 15th 2011
$145 June 16th 2011 on fourth   $90 June 16th 2011 on fourth

Use COUPON CODE: MIMSPRING2011for a $15 discount. Use it or lose it on May 15th 2011

First of all, THANK YOU to everyone who completed our survey.  Your feedback was encouraging and insightful.  Helping you run your best race is our first priority and we learned a lot about what matters to you.

Look forward to MORE water stations, MORE electrolyte offerings, MORE cheering sections, BETTER start staggering for our elite runners, MORE expo vendors, and did we mention a V-neck Malibu T-Shirt?  This is just a sample, no suggestion was too small and we appreciated every last one of them! Congrats to Daniel Z., he won the limited edition Malibu Gear.


Last year we partnered with Groupon to offer a discount on registration. As a young race, it was great for exposure, not so great for our charitable giving efforts. Many of you have asked if we’re doing it again, and the answer is no.

Malibu Gear
We wanted to let you know now before the race sells out. We’ve made a pledge to donate $100,000 to Christopher’s Haven to help them build a Malibu retreat for children recovering from cancer and their families –we need all the help we can get to reach this goal and not slashing the registration price will get us one step closer.


MIM thanks all the runners of the Marathon de Paris that stopped by our booth at the Running expo of Porte de Versailles. Boston runners, make sure you flip every page of the Yearbook; you’ll see us in there. Check out the May issue of Canadian Running; MIM is being featured as a DESTINATION RACE! April 29th and 30th, come check out our booth at the OC Marathon Expo. If you are in Italy in May, visit our friends at the Maratona d'Europa on May 8th. And if you still want more Malibu don’t miss our ad in the June issue of Runner’s World.


Now is the time to plug our on course, 21 week marathon training group, with training plan, for $150. Every Saturday morning hosted by the Natural Running Network, the group will log its training on the actual course, showcasing a different section each week!

Meet The Race Directors
Because this race is by runners for runners, we thought it was about time you got to know us. This is second mini-interview with the heart and soul of the Run to Paradise:

Why do you run?
I run to inspire people to be healthy.  I want to help motivate others to get involved in running so they can reap the physical and emotional benefits.  On a personal level, I also love being outside every day, keeping in shape and staying ready for the next marathon. 

What’s your favorite running fuel?
I drink a lot of water during the day and if I have a long run I pack Lava Gel; when I finish I like to drink a Zico Coconut Water.  For my carbohydrates, a big pasta dinner the night before a marathon is mandatory.

What’s different about the Malibu International Half & Full Marathon?
Malibu is unique on two levels. Geographically, it has the gift of the ocean, the mountains and year-round weather unparallel to anywhere else.  Malibu represents the glamour and magic of Hollywood, this is the city where celebrities live and play.  Just the name Malibu brings about a range of images and emotions.
Anything else you want to add?
I'm promoting barefoot running, coaching people to help them lose weight and get ready for the next Malibu Int’l Half & Full Marathon.  I just ran the L.A. marathon barefoot and we’re gearing up for OC on May 1 and Pasadena on May 15!

Meet Alberto Perusset
We thank you for your registration and look forward to seeing you at the starting line.
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Use COUPON CODE: MIMSPRING2011 for a $15 discount - Use it or lose it on May 15th 2011

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